Tomato, anchovy and porcini sauce recipe plus the joys of roast avocado

Dinner (10 mins prep, 20 mins cooking)

For dinner I made the sauce from this recipe – red mullet with tomato, anchovy and porcini sauce – from the Two Greedy Italians Eat Italy cookbook (, based on the fantastic BBC TV series.  Red mullet is very expensive though so I replaced it with haddock, which I baked for about 20 minutes at gas mark 5.  I served the sauce on top of the haddock, with mashed potato.  The sauce is simple to make, and gorgeous.  Porcini mushrooms (*an exciting ingredient*) come dried and are great for adding a smoky richness to dishes (especially in tomato sauces and creamy sauces).


The joys of roast avocado…

Yes, you can roast avocado!  And it’s suprisingly delicious.  Especially nice as part of a salad.  Check it out in this Jamie Oliver mad dog salad recipe –  It’s from his (underrated?) Jamie’s America book –

5 thoughts on “Tomato, anchovy and porcini sauce recipe plus the joys of roast avocado

  1. Oooh, roast avocado I never would have thought of trying that; genius! Will def. give this a go.
    Fab blog Katie and gorgeous piccie of you.
    L x

  2. I think you may just play a part in turn my fear of cooking (as in, I have a heavy heart every time I think about what to cook for the family supper because THERES TOO MUCH OVERWHELMING CHOICE), into something a bit fun. I shall check yr blog and think, oooo, Katie reccomends this and she’s tried and tested the recipe and added her own tips. Thats what we’ll have for supper tonight! xxx

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