Two omelette recipes plus omelettes for weaning babies/kids

Tonight I cooked a red pepper, onion and potato omelette and it turned out okay!  If a little bland.  So maybe they’re not that difficult.

Thanks Katherine Rose for the top tip about ‘calling it a frittata and embracing (i.e. finishing it off in) the oven’!  Makes it possible just to chuck the egg in and leave it to cook evenly by itself.  Check out this gorgeous and interesting frittata recipe recommended by Katherine:


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I’m looking forward to trying it.  I’ve previously made and would recommend the tortilla in Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals book (possibly my favourite cookery book).  He uses fennel seeds (*an exciting ingredient*) which add an unusual flavour:

More about fennel seeds in a future blog!

Omelettes for weaning babies (and bigger children)

I’ve found omelettes are great for weaning babies who are ready for some texture and enjoy finger food, as you can cut the omelette in to strips and leave them to it.   Babies and older kids seem to like the creaminess of the omelette, which means you can sneak in loads of healthy stuff (such as veg and pumpkin seeds)! My son Freddy devoured a smoked mackerel and spring onion omelette.


Baked red onions with walnut salsa (10 mins prep, 20 mins cooking)


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This is a recipe from Israeli chef Yotam Ottolenghi, who writes for the Saturday Guardian magazine.  He has a restaurant and take away shop in Highbury in London.  I once bought a slice of passion fruit cake there and it was unforgettable…  He is sometimes criticised for having very long-winded recipes with obscure ingredients, but this recipe is simple, delicious and looks fancy once done.  Even my boyfriend loved it, and he would normally opt for a greasy fry up…You don’t need to use rocket as any salad leaves would work, the parsley could also be replaced with mint and if you’re not a fan of goats cheese, feta would be just as nice:

Here is Ottolenghi’s website: