Easy sweet chilli jam recipe plus rocky roads (good to make with kids)

Easy sweet chilli jam


I made this chilli jam for a few people at Christmas.  Everyone loved it and said it went well with cheese, ham, bread, samosas or even to liven up a cheese sandwich.  It’s really simple and although it takes a while to cook, 95% of the effort is just stirring, so you can sit near to the hob and relax (sort of).  You may need to cook it for longer than 50 mins for it to become ‘like thick, bubbling lava’.  Here is the recipe:



(Photo from www.bbcgoodfood.com)

Don’t be put off by the need to sterilise the jam jars.  It’s easy!  Nigella Lawson tells us how:

‘Wash them well in hot, soapy water, rinse well with hot, clean water and dry with a clean cloth. Then put the jars in an oven preheated to 140c/Gas Mk 1/275F for 10 minutes. Put the contents into the warm jars, seal and leave until completely cold then store in a cool, dark place’ (from www.nigella.com).

Here is a link to lots of other edible gift ideas:


Rocky roads


(Photo from www.nigella.com)

Speaking of Nigella, here is another easy recipe, for gorgeous rocky road crunch bars.  If you haven’t ever tried them then you need to.  Okay they’re not healthy, but they’re great for making with children as they can help put the ingredients in a bowl, stir and even bash the biscuits up with a rolling pin!  I didn’t bother dusting mine with icing sugar.  Here is the recipe: