Food with kids – growing cress then making sandwiches



I know a lot of you may have done this already with your kids, but I thought it was worth a blog anyway!  I think the experience of growing cress and then making sandwiches was the first time my son Freddy worked out that some food grows and then becomes lunch.  We bought a nice little cress growing kit (that kids can decorate) from Homebase for £2.99:



We planted the seeds together, put the kit on the windowsill and watched the cress grow over a few days as we watered it.  He then helped me chop up the cress (child scissors may be best for this), add it to some egg mayonnaise, and make sandwiches.  Freddy was quite proud of himself and still remembers it!  I took photos of the whole thing so we could talk about it afterwards.



The end result!


6 thoughts on “Food with kids – growing cress then making sandwiches

  1. Can we please have a menu with Freddy as The Ingredient. He is just too scrumptious NOT to eat!!!

    His GrandadDick

    PS Maybe his Mum as The Sauce would make it perfect.

    PPS I know both the above suggestions may sound a bit weird but someone has to state The Obvious. (Probably not necessary to call Social Services yet but best to keep a watching brief.)

  2. Really LOVELY to see you helping Freddy see that food grows! And cress is such fun (and easy). I once grew cress on top of a scooped out potato (like a head) so the potato (decorated to look like a face) grew “hair”. And once, many years ago, I cut out some cotton wool in the shape of a heart (a good dollop), watered it on a plate, and grew cress so that by a certain date (can’t remember what!) D had a cress heart! xx

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