Chinese style foil baked fish with pak choi

When I saw a lady called Laura had posted a photo of beautiful looking homemade Chinese dumplings on facebook I asked her if she could recommend a simple and authentic Chinese fish dish, and this is what she suggested.  You can put pretty much any fish in a tin foil parcel with some spring onions, ginger, sesame oil, soy sauce and orange juice.  Make sure there is a good puddle of liquid in the foil as the fish will soak it up as it steams and you want a little leftover too.  I served it with some pak choi, which are crunchy Chinese greens.  The resulting dinner was subtle and tasty.  You could add some rice or noodles too if you have a big appetite!  I have not put exact measurements as think it depends on what you fancy.  The following photo does not do the dish justice…



For the fish

Fish fillets (I used trout)

Finely chopped spring onions

Finely chopped ginger

A glug of toasted sesame oil

A glug of soy sauce

Some orange juice

For the pak choi

Toasted sesame oil

Pak choi (available in supermarkets), chopped in to strips


Soy sauce

Put individual fillets of fish in a foil parcel together with the spring onions, ginger, sesame oil, soy sauce and orange juice, and seal.  Cook until the fish is soft and flaky, and once done garnish it with some more (uncooked) spring onions.  Meanwhile fry the garlic with some sesame oil for 1 minute and add the pak choi until the dark green leafy bits start to wilt but the stem is still crispy (about 4 minutes).  Add a decent glug of soy sauce.  Serve.


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