Festive boozy treat – Swedish glogg

swedish glogg

I thought I’d give this a go after I had some at my nice new neighbours Siobhan and Matt’s house.  It’s like mulled wine but with interesting ingredients such as cardamon seeds.  You can quickly prepare the glogg the night before to let the flavours infuse, and then all you need to do before drinking it is heat it up.  For extra booziness replace the orange juice with vodka as in Nigella Lawson’s original recipe!  Merry Christmas to one and all.


Bottle of red wine (I reckon the cheapest is fine seeing as you’re adding lots of flavour)

Juice of 1 orange OR 150ml vodka

2 cinnamon sticks

10 cloves

12 cardamon seeds

25g caster sugar

25g blanched almonds

25g raisons

Combine all ingredients except for the raisons and almonds in a pan and let steep, preferably overnight.  To serve, put a sprinkling of raisons and almonds in the bottom of everyone’s mug, put the pan on the heat and slowly bring almost to the boil.  Strain, and pour in to the mugs.


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