Spring bird feed to make with kids

Okay, so this is not for human consumption. But it is food and makes a great kids activity, especially if you need to use leftover scraps! Once it is finished they get to watch the birds peck away at it outside.

fir cone bird feed

fir cone bird feed

You can either fill old yoghurt pots with the bird feed and leave it to set or push it in to the cracks of a fir cone. The ‘recipe’ is from a great book called My First Nature Book that is full of activity ideas and is available very cheaply second hand on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/My-First-Nature-Book/dp/0863183999/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1365863290&sr=1-2&keywords=my+first+nature+book+dorling+kindersley.

bird feed kids

bird feed kids


6og cooking fat (I used lard)
If using a yoghurt pot – birdseeds for rolling (you can get mixed seeds cheaply from supermarkets)

125g of any of these kitchen scraps:

Porridge oats
Brown breadcrumbs
Leftover cooked vegetables
Cooked rice
Grated cheese

1. Mix the scraps together in a bowl .

2. Melt the lard then pour it in to the bowl with the scraps (my child was able to do this once the lard had cooled a little).  Stir everything together.

3. If using a yoghurt pot, spoon the mixture in so it is squashed down and then push a Y shaped twig in the middle and leave to set.  Once set pull the bird feed out of the yoghurt pot by the twig (cutting around the edge of the pot first with a knife if this helps), roll it in some birdseed and hang it by the twig using string. Or, if using a fir cone, push the mixture in to the cracks then hang by the top using string.


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