Kids meal – ranch style sausage and veg kebabs

ranch style kebabs kids snack

My fussy boy likes this. He always gets excited about ‘lunch on a stick’ and food with a tasty bbq coating (even if there are vegetables underneath!) I made these kebabs with frankfurter sausages (you can get meat or veggie versions), potatoes and carrots. They would also work with boiled sweet potato or lightly fried mushrooms and onions. You could add cheddar or halloumi cheese too (don’t grill the cheddar though, obviously..)

The kebabs take about 25 mins to make, and you can prepare the mixture in advance then you only need to grill them for a few minutes before eating. Hope your kids like it!

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Potatoes, chopped in to bite size chunks
Carrots, sliced
Frankfurter sausages
Shop-bought bbq sauce

Boil the potatoes and sausages for about 10 minutes (or according to the packet instructions), adding the carrots about 5 minutes in, until cooked but not too soft. Drain, chop the sausages and mix a little bbq sauce in with everything (only use a little as it has a strong flavour). Slide alternate veg and sausages on to a kebab stick (or thin straw if you have none) then grill for a few minutes until lightly browned. Mix some mayonnaise and bbq sauce together in a bowl as a dip if you fancy.