Cooking with kids – Mexican salad

cooking with kids mexican salad

I like this recipe as it is a healthy salad you can make from scratch and it introduces children to Mexican food and using herbs.  It includes avocado, which is perfect for young kids to practice their cutting skills, and lime, so they can use a lemon squeezer (or their hands!) .  And of course it is delicious whatever age you are, served perhaps with tortilla chips (see below for easy recipe!), fish fingers or sausages.

cooking with kids mexican salad

For lots more ideas and tips for cooking with kids check out the category on the right side of the blog.  And if you like Mexican food you can try these other recipes (including one for homemade tortilla chips – easy!)

cooking with kids mexican salad

Ingredients for Mexican salad (serves around 4 adults or 6-8 children)

1 avocado

8 cherry tomatoes

4 spring onions

Small tin sweetcorn

Tin black eyed beans

1 tsp sugar

Small bunch coriander

1 lime

Cut the avocado, tomatoes and spring onions in to small pieces and finely chop the coriander (this might need doing in advance for your child, but even very small children can have a go at the avocado).   You could use scissors for the spring onions.  Get your child to put the ingredients in a bowl, sprinkle over the herbs and mix it all together with a spoon or their hands.  Squeeze the lime using a lemon squeezer (they love this!) or cut it in half and use hands to squeeze.  Add to the bowl with a tsp of sugar.  Drain the sweetcorn and black eyed beans, rinse and add to the bowl.  Give it all a final mix before serving.