Instant cheesecakes for the party season!

instant mini cheesecakes

I am always looking out for speedy ways to make tasty things so had to rip out this recipe from ASDA magazine.  These mini treats are a clever way to cheat at a cheesecake and it took just 7 minutes to make four of them!  They would work well on a platter as party food or served as dessert.  They are sweet and rich so one should be enough for most people, unless you have a particularly sweet tooth!  Use a sieve to dust with the icing sugar.

Instant cheesecakes (makes 4)


100g soft cheese

1 level tbsp icing sugar, plus extra for dusting

Few drops vanilla extract

4 level tbsp jam (I used raspberry conserve)

4 digestive biscuits

100g blueberries

Mix together the soft cheese, sugar and vanilla until soft.  Spread the jam on the digestive biscuits, then the cheese mix.  Top with blueberries, dust with icing sugar and serve.

From ASDA magazine


5 thoughts on “Instant cheesecakes for the party season!

  1. brilliant idea! You can think up all sorts of clever things like this for sure.mThink I;d prob. make them without adding more than a tiny bit of sugar to the soft cheese as the jam is sweet and specially if there’s sugar dusted on top too. This gives one ideas for more such original ideas. So pleased you put chose this Katie!

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