Outrageously easy ice cream bread

ice cream cake

I know, it’s New Year and I should be posting a superfood salad recipe.  But when I heard about ice cream bread I looked it up. It sounded so simple I had to try it.

You literally mix a softened tub of ice cream with some self-raising flour, put it in the oven and out comes a subtly sweet bread that is lovely with some butter and a cup of tea.  It is worth using ice cream with chunks of something to give the bread interesting nuggets of flavour.  I used vanilla, pecan and caramel ice cream so there were sweet nutty chunks throughout the bread.  I have read that cookie dough ice cream works great.

ice cream bread

Allow a few mins to prepare the bread and approx. 1 hour to bake it.  Ridiculous!

If you would rather eat a superfood salad, here is a recipe from last New Year: https://katielovescooking.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/superfood-salad-to-kickstart-the-new-year-15-mins/.

As for future blog posts, yesterday I made a creamy orzo and courgette pasta bake which was delicious and works well as a family meal or if you are having guests.  If you don’t already know, orzo is pasta that is the same size and shape as rice.  It is my new favourite thing.

Ingredients for ice cream bread

500ml ice cream, any flavour, softened

250g self-raising flour

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees/gas mark 4.

Combine the softened ice cream and flour in a bowl and stir until mixed.  Grease a loaf tin and then add the mixture.  Bake for approximately 60 minutes until slightly golden and a knife inserted comes out clean.  Leave to cool before turning out.  Especially nice sliced and with butter on top!