Lemonade scones

lemonade scones

Yep!  You can make scones with lemonade.  Flour, cream and lemonade.  My friend Carol showed me a video of someone doing it and we wondered whether it was a joke, so I tried it and it worked!  They looked a bit clumsy but were pretty tasty, hot out of the oven and with some butter and jam on top.

Top tip – make sure you always have lots of flour on the surface you are using to cut out the scones, to prevent sticking, and a dish of water nearby to rinse your hands when you need to. Allow about 15 mins prep plus up to 30 mins cooking.

lemonade scones

lemonade scones

Here is a link to the video in question, and the written recipe below!  Courtesy of Monique Bowley, who was apparently a former contestant on Australia’s Greatest Bake Off:  https://www.facebook.com/debriefdaily/videos/1061942157179139/.

lemonade scones

lemonade scones

Ingredients (makes approx 12 scones)

480g self-raising flour

300ml double cream

Can of lemonade (they are usually 330ml)

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees/gas mark 6.

Pour the flour in to a mixing bowl then add the cream and lemonade.  Gently mix with a spoon (be careful not to overdo it) until it becomes a dough.  If it feels too wet and sticky gradually add more flour until you are happy with the consistency.  When ready, flour a surface, and pull and pat the dough together in to a ball shape.  Then pat it gently down more and use a cup or cutter to cut out scone shapes.  Or just use your hands if that is easier (that’s what I ended up doing!)

Place the scones on a lined baking tray (they can be pretty close together) and bake for between 15-30 mins until golden brown on top.  The original recipe said just 15 mins but mine took 30 mins so I guess it depends on the size of the scones and the individual oven.  Eat with jam and, ideally, clotted cream!