Summer Sangria (fruity wine punch)

Sangria is a refreshing, fruity Spanish red wine punch that I was lucky enough to enjoy when one of my oldest friends Kez lived in Barcelona. It is delicious and also popular in Brazil, so I have decided that I am going to drink it regularly throughout the World Cup!

simple sangria

There are different versions of sangria, some with brandy, some with rum and some with both, and I have based my version partly on what was already in the cupboard (the above photo doesn’t really do it justice). You need red wine (any will do!), white rum, orange juice, lemonade and (ideally) fresh mint and fruit. Feel free to adjust the ratios to make it more or less alcoholic – it is all down to personal taste.

I associate sangria with summer and special occasions and hope I will still be awake and enjoying a glass when England play late tonight (most likely I will be asleep on the sofa and only jolted awake by cheering if and when our team score). Come on England!

Summer sangria – takes 5 minutes

3 parts red wine (cheap is fine)
1 part white rum e.g. Bacardi
2 parts orange juice
1 part lemonade
Chopped fruit and mint leaves e.g. oranges, lemons, strawberries, melon. Cucumber is nice too.

Mix everything together with ice. Adjust if necessary according to taste. Serve in a jug!


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