My name is Katie.  Welcome to my food blog!  It’s a mixture of my own recipes, recipes I have stolen, discoveries about interesting ingredients, decent cookery books and cookery programmes.  It will also have cheap and easy recipes for childrens’ meals, ideas for cooking with kids, and links.  I am hoping foodie family, friends and basically anyone who wants to will give me recipes to post, too.  Oh, and that I can overcome my fear of making omelettes.  Cheers!  Katie x



12 thoughts on “Hi…

  1. Looking very scrummy Mrs R, congrats on conquering the omlette looks like Freddy assisted you on this 😉 good luck with your new site! Great idea Mrs Domesticated!! X x

  2. Domestic goddess meets little French cafe. Will you be FBing or tweeting when new posts are on? Don’t know how you have the time for this, well done 😉

    • Thanks Paul! Yes I will be sharing any updates on the blog on facebook, probably every couple of days. Maybe you’d like to let me know that peach muffin recipe to put on there at some point?! xx

  3. hay katie ……love this idea and love your recipes …..im gonna keep reading …..and keep cooking…ohhh and lovely pics x

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