Cream of mushroom soup in 25 mins! Plus Jamie Oliver’s new 15 Minute Meals book

Cream of mushroom soup

This soup is reliably tasty and easy to make and works well as a starter, or a main, along with some bread and salad perhaps.  I like the fact it is creamy and smooth but there are juicy chunks of mushroom in it.  Use your own judgement a little with how much milk/stock to add.  If the soup ends up too thin then just boil it down for a bit longer.



275g mushrooms (I used button mushrooms but any type would work)

1 tbsp oil

Very large knob of butter

1 small onion, finely chopped

1 tbsp plain flour

450ml vegetable stock

450ml milk

Salt and pepper

Heat the oil and half the butter in a saucupan and add the onion and three quarters of the mushrooms (including all the mushroom caps).  Fry for a few minutes, stirring frequently, then cover and sweat over a gentle heat for approx 7 minutes, stirring occassionally.  Meanwhile, melt the rest of the butter in another pan and fry the remaining mushrooms for approx 5 mins, until they are slightly soft and tender.

Stir the flour in to the soup mixture and cook for one minute, then gradually add the stock and milk, to make a smooth sauce.  Season to taste.  Bring to the boil and simmer for 15 mins.  Use a food processor/hand-held blender to process the soup until smooth.  Pour the soup in to a clean saucepan and add the remaining fried mushrooms.  Add a swirl of cream and a couple of basil leaves when serving, if you like.

Jamie Oliver’s new book


(Photo from

I’m a bit excited to hear that Jamie Oliver is launching a ’15 Minute Meals’ book in September.  He felt that his 30 Minute Meals book was too complicated so is making his new recipes simpler and even quicker (although based on the fact I didn’t manage to make his 30 minute meals in less than an hour, maybe we should expect to make 15 minute meals in 30 minutes…)  There will be meat, fish and vegetarian dishes from all over the world  and tips on how to get great flavours using less ingredients.  In Jamie’s words – ‘bloody good cooking for busy people.’  I’m all for fast meals!  Here is the link:


2 thoughts on “Cream of mushroom soup in 25 mins! Plus Jamie Oliver’s new 15 Minute Meals book

  1. The soup looks yummy. I wasn’t sure how to add a full post so here is the recipe for the Beetroot brownies I made, which is a great way to get children and adults alike to eat more ‘hidden veg’.
    I used pre-cooked beetroot which speeds up the process. Therefore I melted the chocolate and butter in a separate saucepan. They turn out nice and moist. If you don’t want to too ‘beetrooty’ than you can reduce the amount of beetroot.

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